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What is CCM?

A Movement Whose Roots Are Found In the Early Church 

Sharing Lives, Faith, Talents and Resources

For thousands of years, Christians have come together to care for each other and carry each other's burdens.

In 1993, a formalized approach to sharing healthcare burdens began with the Medi-Share program. From small beginnings, this big idea took root.

Over 24 years later, the Medi-Share program serves more than 335,000 members, and more than $2.3 billion dollars in medical bills have been shared and discounted.


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Four Reasons Why Our Christian Healthcare Program is a Blessing

Hundreds of people have experienced firsthand the blessing of our Christian healthcare sharing program, Medi-Share. But what is it that sets us apart from the rest?

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Walk Humbly
with Your God

Many of us are advocates for justice. We talk about right and wrong and the punishment fitting the crime. We are quick to make judgements of others.

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Improve Your Health by Reducing Stress with Prayer

Prayer and reflection can have Christian health benefits that go beyond simply spiritual. Our lives are fuller than ever, with wonderful moments and times of trial.

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